Step 4: And, it works!

Picture of And, it works!
In the photo you can see the new, thinner edge of the wrench mated with the slot in the mandrel screw. 

My Dremel came with a plastic case that holds the various bits and the Dremel wrench. That case is always in a drawer at my workbench. I can put my hands on the wrench very quickly anytime I need it. But, the small screwdriver I usually use to change the cutting discs seems to wander around the top of my workbench and even hide under other things. This will save me time I would spend looking for my small screwdriver.
mykiscool2 years ago
As far as I can see picture doesn't work sir. Maybe it's just me, but you may want to look into this.
Phil B (author)  mykiscool2 years ago
Are you saying the picture does not display on your computer? I see the photo on my computer.
I've tested this on a different computer and it works. Sorry about that. Quite a weird thing. It worked with every other photo except that one.
Phil B (author)  mykiscool2 years ago
Thank you very much for taking time to report back.
dog digger3 years ago
The new dremels actually have a little screwdriver at the end. A shame because this is a great Idea
Phil B (author)  dog digger3 years ago
Thanks. Several other people commented that their newer Dremels have a screwdriver flat on the end of the wrench. My Dremel is from the early 1990s and is the only one I have ever used or handled.
bfk3 years ago
Dremel has been my favorite tool since my college days 40 years ago. The very first thing I do with mine is fit them with a chuck, eliminating the collet. I love your Instructables and am now following you... You are my new hero! Thank you for all that you publish.
Phil B (author)  bfk3 years ago
Thank you for your comment. The chuck is a good idea. Thank you for the kind words about my Instructables. As Red Green (Canadian humorist) says, "Remember, if women do not find you handsome, they should at least find you handy."
kill-a-watt3 years ago
I got a tip out of one of the "gunsmith kinks" books that you could stack 2-4 of the un-reinforced cutting disks together to improve their durability.

This is a great idea for all the older dremel tools out there. Mine did not come with a combo tool either.
bond8153 years ago
Maybe you have an older Dremel but mine (2 years old) has a wrench with a screwdriver on the opposite end.
Zibodiz bond8153 years ago
Mine too. My dremel is about 5 years old.