An "Indiana Jones" Themed Tiki Bar





Introduction: An "Indiana Jones" Themed Tiki Bar

Continuing with my Adventureland theme in my backyard, I created this 'tiki' bar and deck area. I borrowed heavily from the Indiana Jones ride queue of Disneyland as well as hints from the movies themselves.

The bar was actually built 5 years ago now,and the tropical plants and bamboos have really taken over,providing lots of shade and ambiance.

I add something every year to this spot.This year I added the deck,which has a great ocean view,as well as our Jungle Cruise playhouse. A palm tree that was planted back then now grows up through the deck.

Keep an eye on some of the bar details,there are nods to all three Indy movies,as well as Pirates of the Caribbean,and others...
These complete plans are now available for purchase at
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    This project is amazing and inspiring. I love the attention you gave to details, just like a true imagineer ! The lighting, the plants, the props, it's all really well made !
    Maybe one day, when I have some space, I'll try to recreate a bit of the Disney magic in my own place too. I hope you'll continue growing yours !

    Madhatter, do you mind if I ask you where or how did you get that outdoor light fixture? Im talking about the hangman looking thing with the light on the end?

    Thanks for the question.
    I had been trying to find a metal industrial looking lamp like you see in the Indiana Jones ride line up but I ended up finding these at a local place called DEMEXX (Demolition Experts). They get new and used surplus building materials and were (are) great for things like this.Unfortumately over the years the place has become very popular and VERY expensive.
    I still have one left over, if your ever visiting Vancouver Island it's yours!

    Do you have a overhead view or sketch of your whole deck, bar and playhouse? I like the way you have your backyard layed out.

    I have very rough sketches but nothing laid out, but I think I will make one and add it to the gallery! Great idea, thanks!

    Great thank you!

    Awesome. Do you live in Fullerton?

    I do not, I live on Vancouver Island, in beautiful British Columbia. :)

    Hi everyone. I just added some stencils to the images gallery. You could save them and print them if you like!

    Your project turned out amazing! I can't wait to try it out myself!