Picture of 3D Printed Old Time Cider Mill in HO Scale

  As a kid I was fascinated (and still am) with the things that were here before I was.   It was natural, then, that I was drawn to model railroading as a way to recreate the past, and, in particular to the modeling of the late E.L. Moore.   Mr. Moore was a prolific author in the model railroad press from the 1950’s into the 70’s and was well known not only for his folksy writing style and gentle humor, but particularly for his ability to create wonderful old time rural scenes. 

   Back in the mid 1960’s, Railroad Model Craftsman magazine was regularly running construction articles by E.L. Moore.  Although I enjoyed many of E.L.’s projects, I was particularly taken with an article in the September 1966 RMC featuring the construction of an old time cider mill.  
When E.L. built and wrote about this little structure, CAD, rapid prototyping, and, for that matter, even the PC, were the stuff of science fiction.
More than forty years later, still posessing the yellowed and much worn magazine, I decided to build this structure using the rapid prototyping process instead of the basswood, balsa, and other materials that E.L. Moore used in 1966.  To avoid any grey areas with respect to copyright, I contacted Carstens Publications, the publisher of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine.  Mr. Henry Carstens, who was quite interested in seeing a model built by this process, has graciously given his permission to post the CAD files I created for this project.

evad3 years ago
Nice job! A lot of work, there... Any plans to publish this in RMC?
RailMix (author)  evad3 years ago
Thanks. It's probably a little late for RMC, especially since it's free here, but that might be a thought for the future. With 3D printing capability becoming almost affordable for model railroaders, I expect this technology to see wider use in the hobby over the coming years..