An Open Source 3D Printable Prosthetic Hand





Introduction: An Open Source 3D Printable Prosthetic Hand

Hello all Makers! This is a project in the works, of making a prosthetic hand that can be downloaded from the internet, printed out and used by anyone. I am hoping to get a 3D printer to start making a Step by Step guide to building your own and making the parts to the size you need if you are in need of a hand. Support this project, Vote for it in the 3D printing Contest and I hope to be able to bring this project for all of you! I plan on designing more hands and posting how to build them using a 3D printer


If we can get this project running I hope to hear input from anyone who wants to be a part in it! send models, discuss the designs, etc.



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    I just need my pinky finger on my left hand so I can play flute again. Any works or ideas in progress? It can even appear to be a "cosmetic" replacement, as long as it's sturdy enough. I've thought about doing a mold of my youngest child's left small finger sine he "has my hands". If my 1cm stump is long enough to hold it with suction I may be ok.

    This is a nice design. I can't seem to find a way to download cad files of any kind though and the PDF instructions are a pro feature. I'm working on a myoelectric arm and I'd love to try to incorporate this hand in fusion360. - Keith Johnson - Enable Community Foundation


    Great job Maker9000, Can you send me more images?