Picture of An Undersea Turtle Costume Made Simple

This instructable was inspired by a school project in my technology class. We were given the task of creating costumes made completely from slotted construction and cardboard. No glue, no tape. We needed to learn the design process hands on so we were placed in groups to determine the main theme of our costumes. Our project which had seemed so simple had evolved into a day by day mindset. Cardboard, learning about cardboard, and slotting cardboard was all that was on our minds. My group of four peers settled on the theme of "Marine Life". This incorperated a clownfish(anemone-fish), a seahorse, a jellyfish, and a sea turtle.
I learned a lot about how hard a designer's job really is. There are many steps which all require deep thought. You may be surprised that the final step, creating the product, is one of the easiest! However, the work paid off and I know have this easy and simple costume to share with you. You can use this for a school play or even trick or treating on a tight budget. Either way, I know you'll look great in it.

 This is the basis of what we needed for the costume in case your curious

1. Made from only cardboard
2. Made from slotted constructions
3. No adhesive
4. Must be flat-pack

1. must be able to fit through a 7' by 3' opening

BobS4 years ago
You seem to be the only one of your class 'worthy' of entering Instructables...

To your teacher: requiring your whole class to make an instructable as part of the assignment is actually polluting (SPAMMING!!!) this site!
It's OK, there's room for all types here. Everyone is worthy of posting.
Hgiunta (author)  fungus amungus4 years ago
I agree. Mine isn't actually that good. I removed that picture and im sorry to anyone who thought that was my actual creation. That ISNT MINE, now it is. That comment was innapropriate and how is it spamming when my class contributed to the site. While they arent the best, kindergardeners could use them for playing pretend. Its cheap and easy. Don't expect the taj mahal.
Yeah, we don't see it as spamming. As far as filling up the site, we have plenty of room!
jgderuvo4 years ago
Nice job. Would've loved to have had this a few years ago when i made my son a Crush costume!