An Adjustible Angle Knife Grinding Jig


Introduction: An Adjustible Angle Knife Grinding Jig

Hi Guys,

I wanted to show my adjustable angle knife grinding jig! Feel free to make one yourself with the provided CAD or PDF drawings. As long as you credit me and don't sell the design.

Feel free to ask questions and i'll try to answer ASAP




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    6 Discussions

    can you suggest any other types of steel for knives that look as nice as yours

    1 reply

    RWL 34 is a very very nice steel. But you need to get it out for Heat treatment because it need's to be done in a vacuum.

    does O1 steel rust much im in bermuda so rust is a big problem

    1 reply

    Yes, O1 rusts a lot. But with gun blue or a lot of oil it shouldnt be a problem. Maintenance is key!