alright so this is my first instructable
i thought i should have it on one of my fav. pastimes, Airsoft
ok lets get started,
what you need:

airsoft gun(s)

extra mags

some rough clothing(prefferably some sort of camo)

goggles/facial protection

a place to airsoft

for airsoft you dont always have to go in the woods or some remote area like they show on youtube,heck, you could even just get some buddys to come over and shoot each other in your backyard

Step 1: GUNZ

Its all about guns
guns have a pretty good price range, starting with cheap lil pistols (around $20) all the way to some heavily modded out weapons(could go up to $1000)

sniper rifles
these are good for those snake like players, always patient waiting for the kill then all the sudden BAM you got one

carbines or assualt rifles
this is all the mid range fire fights usually around ranges from 20 to 100 ft these guns can be modded for some ultimate kick assery

shotguns or uzi like weapons
good for close range like cqb but inefective at longer distances

these should be used as a secondary weapon nuff said

remember you can mix and match, for instance, you can carry a mp5 and a shotgun
or a shotgun and pistol

for every weapon out there, ther are 3 types
spring-uses a spring to fire the projectile
electric-pretty much how a real gun works
gas- uses compressed CO2 to fire

Step 2: SAFETY

when your playg your gonna want to be safe
your gonna need


some clothes that you will feel when you get hit but dont get welts

one of the most important safety rules is keep face protection on at all times
if you sneek up to an enemy you have to be less than 5 feet to say surrender they must do so

you as an individual reading this should look up some more rules before going to airsoft


Before you go airsofting your gonna need a few items

water-definitaly you never know when you dehydrate

extra ammo- nuff said on that part

a way of carrying anything you bring(sidearm water ammo food etc)-prob. a backpack or a utitlity belt(dununununu batman!)

anything you feel neccessary to bring

Step 4: Conclusion

well thats it
have fun airsofting

ps there are also variations for games like battle reenactments and one thats my personal fav. its when you get hit you dont flee but you sit on the ground and yell medic
ill give you $10,000 for all those airsoft gunz
lol, those guys wont feel anything when they get hit with all that crap on.
Are you joking me? It looks like most of these guys are wearing chest rigs rather than vests. Some aren't even wearing either. It doesn't matter whether you can feel it or not so long as you call your hits.
no i'm not joking? i have no idea what 'chest rigs' are, and they may not be wearing vests or 'chest rigs, they all look like they have on pretty heavy jackets on. and calling your hits isnt always that easy when u dont know whether u hit the person or not. and it kindof gives away your position when you yell out that you hit someone..
that is why I use a 400fps gun
A chest rig is just something that holds magazines and equipment but doesn't really protect. You don't call other people's hits, it's discouraged. If someone hits you, you say you got hit. If you hit someone, they'll say they got hit, not the other way around. If they don't call their hits, you can spray the hell out of them. Airsoft is a game of honor. If you don't have it, don't play. They aren't even wearing jackets, just camouflage clothing.
agreed unless its an outstanding gun!
Powerful gun =/= outstanding gun.
the prpblem is, most snipers have to be 80 feet away of a hit to count, so you have so stay away, witch means is wont hurt as much
$1000? I've seen $5000
no welts.. =o... but thats the best part
yeah 1 time my friend shot me in the hand with his shotgun and i got welts in 3 different places :D
yea i shot my friend in both his nipples, they started to swell up lol...
short but a nice guide for beginners looking for a game to play like war.
In my country the cheapest airsoft is as cheap as lemons. You might not belive it but a small pistol is $1.50 (which I'm sure is weak/breaks easily) XD nice instructable BTW
i will admit it but not all airsoft shotguns are short ranged as i play with a warrior l96 and i was running along and saw some guy with a shotghun and thought to myself "its a shotgun he cant hit me from there" and then he just pumped two cartridges at me and hit me from possibly 100 foot away! very irritating but still a good shot
my friend has a Mossberg pump he bout off Evike.com for relatively cheap. He loads it with 0.25g ammo, and it is accurate for at least 100 feet. hurts like hell at any range, too.
yep theres no denying it, the shotguns are good
actuly for many gas airsoft guns there actuly green gas powerd
umm yah cool i have a bunch of airsoft gunz and threr awsome my 2 best r my granade launcher and my tommy gun yah i said it tommy gun and it cost $10000 dollers totaly worth it spins 10 miles per hour and it stings realy bad if you get hit with 50 aire soft bbs in the same spot so yah
they dont only use CO2
true, many use green or red gas. although personally i prefer the CO2 guns, because it's hard to find greengas apart from a proshop or something.
Green gas seems to be everywhere where I live. CO2 could damage your gun if you're not careful.

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