An Ashtray in Can





Introduction: An Ashtray in Can

Necessary equipment :

1 pair of scissors
1 can

Step 1: 1-Cut the Top of the Can

Step 2: 2-Creation of Strips

Creation of strips

Cut regular strips with scissors as well from the width as from the length.
The depth depends on you, stop scissors where you wish your depth.

Step 3: 3-The Folding

Fold strips as indicated on photos.
Once on two.
Make all the tour of the can.

Step 4: 4-The Back of the Can

It is going to need to put the can back to front and fold the pieces which exceed.

Look at photos for more precision.

Once ended, you finished your ashtray!

Decline with the other cans for different styles!

That all !



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Très cool! Comment avez-vous éviter d'avoir les doigts sanglants?

Lol, comme je l'ai écrit : 'attention au doigts !', après il faut patient et soigneux je pense.
Sinon mettez des gants de jardin, très efficace.
Lol, as I wrote it: ' be careful of your fingers! ', later is needed patient and careful I think.
Otherwise put gloves of garden, very effective.