Introduction: An Awesome U.F.O.

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This is just a U.F.O i made making blintz bases one day :)

Step 1: Materials

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One square sheet of paper! O.o

Step 2: The First Blintz Base

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Ok, get your piece of paper and fold it horizontally to make a rectangle
Now, fold it vertically to get a grid of 4 squares.
Next, fold in the corners to make the grid of 4 squares into a grid of 4 triangles.
Then do to all other corners
Then you have completed a blintz base!

Step 3: Blintz Base!

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Ok now flip it over and make a blintz base!

Step 4: Not a Blintz Base

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Ok now take all the flaps and fold it up to make it look somewhat like the first picture. (not precise)
Should look like this.

Step 5: Almost to the Almost Finished Step O.o

Picture of Almost to the Almost Finished Step O.o

Flip it over.
Take the flaps and fold up to the top of the square

Step 6: Almost Finished :)

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Flip it over
Then take the flaps that have a line through them because of a blintz base and fold them over (see picture)

Step 7:

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Flip it over.
YOUR DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for reading my instructable and making my creation please comment and post different designs you have made from this :)


beanman911 (author)2011-05-17

now all u need is a origami cow!

w1l50n1404 (author)2009-05-28

Well, I must say, this is similar to Michael G. LaFosse's Lotus Blossom. the difference is yours: fold the 4 corners, then flip over... Michael's: fold the 4 corners, do this again in the same sides, then flip over.. But is it really a U.F.O?

inergy (author)w1l50n14042011-02-04

I've never heard of this Michael G. LaFosse figure, but I am sure that I did not copy this in any way. Like the title says, I found this creation making blintz bases.

nlueth0913 (author)w1l50n14042011-01-15

Have you ever seen Idependent Films:Between the Folds???

valleycrosser (author)w1l50n14042010-05-23

 If it's unidentified, flies and is an object or origami, then it is a U.F.O. (unidentified flying object/origami)

zixx65 (author)2010-05-18

does it fly???????

inergy (author)2009-05-30

yes... because if you do though it right (with printer paper) it will kinda float/fly and land smoothly... and i guess it would have to be a U.F.O because it is Unidentified Flying Origami :)

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