Picture of An awsome ninja star!!!
This is my first instructable so comment it and tell me what you think. This is a really cool! and easy to make ninja star out of an old rocket pad.
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Step 1: Getting ready

Picture of Getting ready
Ok. first if your like me than you have probably had a model rocket and either lost it or broke it. So if you look in your model rocket kit their should be a little medal disk that the rocket launches off of. So get that out and get ready to make an awsome ninja star!!!

Step 2: Tin sips

Picture of Tin sips
You will need some good tin snips so that you can cut the mettal plate.

Step 3: Draw your design

Picture of Draw your design
Next your going to want to draw your star on your pad.
You can make a 5 star or a 6 star what ever you like. Mine's a 5 star.

Step 4: Start cutting!!!!!

Picture of Start cutting!!!!!
Next your going to want to put you pad in a vice, get your tin snips and start cutting out you star.

Step 5: Keep cutting!!!!

Picture of Keep cutting!!!!
Keep cutting until the stars completely cut out.

Step 6: Now trim it up.

Picture of Now trim it up.
Now your going to want to trim up the edges and make the points are really pointy.

Step 7: Sharpin it!!!

Picture of Sharpin it!!!
Now all you need to do is take a file to it and sharpin it until it's as sharp as you desire. and thats it!!! It will bend if you throw it really hard. but if you sharpin it enough than you won't need to throw it that hard.
Another thing you can do so it fly's straight is to soder 2 washer to both sides of the star.
So have fun with it. thanks!!!!!