An Easy "Is That Your Card?" Magic Trick.





Introduction: An Easy "Is That Your Card?" Magic Trick.

I learned this magic trick a while ago, and it still amazes people. It's not the one where you turn the card backwards.

Step 1: Intro

This is the step where you say the famous "is this your card?"

NOTE:::: once an audience member selects the card, DON"T LOSE THE PLACE!!!

Step 2: The Trick!

While the audience member looks and remembers the card, look at the card that's on top of it. In this case, it would be the 8 of Spades. But don't let them see you do the move!!!

Step 3: Shuffle

Shuffle the cards. You have a pretty low chance that you'll separate the chosen card with the helper card(8 of spades).

You should know how to shuffle.

Step 4: The End!

now, once you shuffled, go through the cards until you find the helper card. The chosen card will be right infront of it. Have Fun!



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    Just an FYI, its 8 of clubs :P

    except you should remember that your helper card was an 8 of SPADES...


    good trick my father used to show me this and i was amazed and i suggest you cut the deck instead of shuffling as chances of changing the order is much much low

    i use that and then add one more part... il make an ible if you want.

    erm thats the 8 of clubs not spades

    I have had the initial card get separated a couple times before.