Step 4: Put it to good use

Picture of Put it to good use
 The detail views of the eye that we can now record and easily email have made a big difference in student education and consultation.  I have included some recent cases in a Youtube video that gives you some idea of the quality of the camera set up. After you have attached it to the slit lamp you can either use the room lights on or just the slit to give a very good view of the anterior segment of the eye.  Focus adjustment is done on the touch screen after initial alignment of the slit lamp image.  Adjustment for exposure is perfect and all part of the wonder of Apple products--they just work.  It is also perfect for educating patients on their condition--you can instantly show them the pathology and they are very impressed.  You can even email them the video.  

I have not tried this setup on anything but a slit lamp but I don't doubt this same thing can be done with microscopes, telescopes, and binoculars without too much trouble.  Please have fun with the design and add comments if you have found it helpful.