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Senior citizens have difficulty sometimes using a TV remote control. Typical TV remotes feature a ton of tiny buttons, all thrown together with little rhyme and reason. (One wonders what their designers were thinking :-) So it may be hard for seniors to figure out the buttons, not to mention finding them. With this instructable, I am proposing an easy solution.

Step 1: The solution

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The solution is based on using one of those huge remotes. I got the one pictured for a few dollars at a New York City surplus store, but other versions are available at KMart-type stores. As you can see, it is almost a foot tall! Now, seniors will have an easy time finding the buttons. Not to mention finding the remote itself!!! :-)

But the remote may be still too complicated for them. And the answer is....
beachnomad5 years ago
beachnomad5 years ago
Here's one also:

www.flipperremote.com.  Its a two device universal, so it only works the TV and cable.  Large letters spell out Volume and Channel.  And it has a favorite channel list also.  A friend who is 85 uses it and loves it!