Introduction: An Easy Tortilla Pizza.

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Step 1: The Start

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Take two tortilla bases and set them on a large plate. And add some cheese in between of those bases , i suggest in the sides.

Step 2: The Tomato Sauce.

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Take a bowl . Take few spoon fulls of ketchup and few spoon fulls of tomato sauce , and mix them togheter about 1:1. I made with ordinary ketchup.

Step 3:

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Then cover the tortillabase with a thin layer of sauce , evenly.

Step 4: The Cheese

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Spread gaterd cheese allover the pizzabase and then rip some strips of mozzarella chees and lay them on the pizza , it should look like this like in the picture.

Step 5: Hamhamham.

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Then spread ham on the pizza and sprinkel some pizza flavoring on the pizza . We covered the hole pizza , tasted great.

Step 6: Then

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Then put it in the oven  , well i live in europe so we have celcius , i heated the oven to 225c* and insterted the pizza for 5 minutes . You have to be careful while cooking it , cause the tortilla base might burn out quickly.

Step 7: Persto.

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And then enjoy. Me and my friend rated it 8/10 and it filled our dummies quickly. Enjoy!


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