Picture of An easy way to cook fluffy rice
For the majority of my life, whenever I cooked rice, it would just all stick together into a nice packed cylinder. Finally I buckled down and figured out how to make super simple fluffy rice :D

Here's what you'll need:
- A pot with a lid
- Rice: the type matters, risotto rice is very difficult to make fluffy, choose long rice.
- Water
- Salt: optional, it's really up to you if you want to add it. I feel that slightly salted rice is more delicious, especially if you're not going to be coating it in sauce
- Spoon, or fork.

Now, to start the cooking!
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Step 1: Bring rice to boil

Picture of Bring rice to boil
In a pot, combine rice with water.

Use 1.5 cups of water for every 1 cup of rice. If you are adding salt, sprinkle it into the water now.

Cook on medium heat in an uncovered pot until it boils.

Note: 1 cup of dry rice actually makes a lot of cooked rice, so don't go too crazy.

Step 2: Cover up with slanted lid

Picture of Cover up with slanted lid
Once the rice boils, turn the heat down (I put it on about 2 out of 9, so it's pretty low). Put the lid on, but put it on crooked so that lots of steam can escape.

Step 3: Wait until holes appear

Picture of Wait until holes appear
Keep the lid in the slanted position (and don't touch the rice) until steam makes holes in the rice.

Step 4: Cover up completely and simmer

Picture of Cover up completely and simmer
Now that the holes are there, close the lid tightly and turn down the heat even more. I put it on 1 out of 9 for heat, so it steams in the pot.

Check the rice once in a while and taste it to see if it is done. This usually takes about 15 minutes for me.

When it feels done, fluff it up and you're all finished! Enjoy the rice :D
rtaynor8 months ago

I made it ! It was Great !

I love rice! Thanks for the article!
Interesting technique! I'll have to try this next time. :)