An Easy Way to Make a Cover for Your Ipod/MP3 Player.


Introduction: An Easy Way to Make a Cover for Your Ipod/MP3 Player.

Using an old sock, make a cover for your Ipod or MP3 player.

Step 1: Cut Your Sock.

You will need just a pair of scissors,a sewing machine, and an old sock.Cut the top elastic part off of your sock.Where the lines are as shown in the picture.

Step 2: Sew Sides.

Turn inside out.Sew bottom and side.DO NOT SEW TOP!!!!

Step 3: Almost Done.

Snip a little off the bottom corners and then turn it right side out.You should have your finshed product.You can color it or add buttons for those pesky earphones.



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    That would look pretty awesome.

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    I'd do it, if someone wanted to send me a ipod :-)

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    This is genius. I really needed an ipod cove and didn't really want to buy one...Thank you!!!!

    Hmm...... This is a "homemade" version of the iPod socks that are around 15$. Seams good but the marker on it.. Makes it look trashey, Sorry! I would recommend taking the sock and then sewing some yarn in a design pattern!