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  This is pretty awesome.  It is an iPod projector, made from trash and junk that I had no use for.  I had a converse shoe box, a magnifying glass from a broken helping hands, two speakers from an old solar/crank radio and a headphone jack with some wire attached to it from an old pair of broken headphones.  I put them together and I made a nice projector for less than a buck.  Sorry, I could not get a picture of the projector working, I will submit that later.  Thank you! Please tell me if you guys would like an instructable, I didn't think that you guys would really care that much.  I just wanted to submit my latest project, mostly because it is eligible for a contest.



neelandan (author)2011-07-16

Now it is just a box with a lens and two speakers stuck on it.

We would very much like it if you would tell us how it works, and how to operate it.

knota (author)neelandan2011-12-26

I did say it was a box with speakers on it. But it does work so why make it more complicated? It works by light going from the ipod and then going through the lens. Not to special but it works.

-Building King

nelsnils (author)neelandan2011-12-04

Exactly. @building king: You need to tell us how to set up our iDevices!

knota (author)nelsnils2011-12-26

You put the ipod on screen lock, place it upside down in the box and move the device back and forth in the box until the image is clear. Then connect your device to a speaker so it can be heard. It isn't supposed to be an instructable! I wasn't planning on anybody making this so I didn't bother explaining it. There are other instructables like this if you need help. Thanks!

-Building King

ac1D (author)2011-07-16

This is a fake project..
It would be do-able, but this guy did not do it.

knota (author)ac1D2011-07-16

O did make it! If you want me to prove it I can submit pictures of it anytime... I actually just used it! In fact, I will submit another picture with my username written on it.

What makes you think that I didn't make it?

(please be more kind with your comments... You could have asked if I had made it, I would have told you)

dombeef (author)knota2011-07-18

I made one like this, but the way you did it doesnt look like it would work well, the image will be upside down and flipped. Can you post a picture of video of it working? Then I will believe you.

knota (author)dombeef2011-07-19

Well my iPod has retina display so the projection can be focused very well. When I was making it I was going to put in a second lens but I couldn't find one and I wasn't going to be reading things from it, so I just put the screen on tilt lock and then put it upside down in the projector. Also If it had two lens It would be extremely hard to adjust. It sounds kind of lame but it works real well. I just have to use something white as the screen. It works real well if you would use a projection screen on it. I didn't make a picture of it working because the lighting was messed up and I was in a hurry so I didn't have the time to adjust the projector and take a picture. Thanks for commenting!
And yes, it does work and I made it.

dudes he made it so stopp bothering him your just being jerks

dombeef (author)knota2011-07-20

So does mine. I am using it right now by the way. Wouldn't it mess up your memory of the movie or so forth If it is upside down? Like I said, I made my own out of a mirror and nanan old magnifyiong glass, they were both scratchy so it wasn't the best quality.

MattBothell (author)2011-11-30

I have an instructable on the same sort of project but with step by step instructions. Check it out!

bgepp1 (author)2011-09-20

is there a step-by-step for this, complete with materials list? It looks cool but a bit incomplete.

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