An in depth guide to homemade Italian (American) tomato sauce (for pastas, spaghetti, lasagna, etc.)

Picture of An in depth guide to homemade Italian (American) tomato sauce (for pastas, spaghetti, lasagna, etc.)
This is my first instructable - I have had many ideas for what my first should be, but it seems I never have time to compile them into an instructable. Among my many hobbies is cooking, and I have always been somewhat famous for my spaghetti... which is of course all about the sauce, no? Since I have had a few friends bugging and begging me for a recipe (which I have never strictly had a recipe as much as a method), I decided to take the time to compile a whole bunch of information for some of them. And since I have been being so lazy/procrastinatory about getting an instructable done in the year or two I have been a member, well it all came together.

I am going to try and provide a lot of educational information in addition to the actual methodology/recipe for making a great homemade red sauce. That's just my style. As you can probably already tell, I am a very wordy person and tend to over-explain. This comes from a lifetime of teaching and tutoring others. If you feel I am spending too much time on a simple thing, simply move on to the next step!

I will also put in a disclaimer; I do not have a quality camera, and in searching the web for images to use, I have come across many websites with similar methodologies to mine - no big surprise; how I do what I do is not exactly a super secret (at least not in regards to cooking). I have no private recipes handed down for generations; merely lots of experience and trial and error, combined with a bit of formal culinary education. I'll list a few of these websites in the final step below. None are the sole source for any of my information, and in fact while many reflect what I am posting, very little is influenced by these or modified from what I would have written down if I hadn't gone searching for images... so feel free to peruse the links and you may find some of THEIR secrets I don't mention or use in this instructable.
TrueItalian4 years ago
Where you taste this kind of sugo?
zodono5 years ago
This looks SUPREME.. I cant wait until i have the time and energy to follow your very leangthy instructions. I better start gathering the ingredients cause some of them can be hard to find where i am.
karossii (author)  zodono5 years ago
I am glad you enjoyed it! I wish you luck... let me know how it turns out!
Rune Cutter5 years ago
I'm going to try this, as soon as I get caught up on things here, got a few more instructables to do, this should be great once my tomatoes come in.