Picture of An odd piggy bank (NOT DONE)
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This i a instructables about making a 16 x 16 LED matrix that takes money so i is somewhat like a piggy bank, but cooler and way more fun to make

Step 1: Parts list

What you need?

256   x    LED's (i recommend high brights)
16     x    NPN transistor
11     x    220 ohm resistor
2       x    74HC595 - 8 bit skifteregister
1       x    ATMega328 with Arduino Uno bootloader
1       x    Electronic coin selector (or somthing like it)
??     x    wires
1       x    rotary encoder
1       x    7805 Voltage regulator
2       x   10 uF capacitors
1       x   16 MHz clock crystal
2       x    22 pF capacitors
1       x    momentary normally open button
solder and soldering iron

Arduino software

power drill
inkjet photo paper
laserjet printer
blank PCB
Lord_Vek2 years ago
Looks very interesting. A video would be nice.