Picture of An odd piggy bank (NOT DONE)
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This i a instructables about making a 16 x 16 LED matrix that takes money so i is somewhat like a piggy bank, but cooler and way more fun to make
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Step 1: Parts list

Picture of Parts list
What you need?

256   x    LED's (i recommend high brights)
16     x    NPN transistor
11     x    220 ohm resistor
2       x    74HC595 - 8 bit skifteregister
1       x    ATMega328 with Arduino Uno bootloader
1       x    Electronic coin selector (or somthing like it)
??     x    wires
1       x    rotary encoder
1       x    7805 Voltage regulator
2       x   10 uF capacitors
1       x   16 MHz clock crystal
2       x    22 pF capacitors
1       x    momentary normally open button
solder and soldering iron

Arduino software

power drill
inkjet photo paper
laserjet printer
blank PCB

Step 2: How it is going to worke

Picture of How it is going to worke
The arduino is going to control two shift registers  that will control a multiplexed LED matrix

the shift registers control the Anods aka the x-axis

and the arduino will control the cathods aka the y-axis

but because of the limited amount of output pins on the arduino we are sending the signal through two lines of transistor arays and that way control 16 LEDs with 10 arduino pins. 
Lord_Vek2 years ago
Looks very interesting. A video would be nice.