Step 9:

Take the piece of plywood and glue on the bottom of the piece of wood.
NICE! Zero Radiation risk ;-)
<p>Hello great design ,i was thinking there could be a way to make this like a docking station type .there are these little usb with charging port about an inch long they are a solid and small .but you could make it where the phone slides in to the male charging receptacle .I hope that made sence ill try to find one and shot you a picture of it .ANY WAY THANK YOU FOR THE INFORMATION AND HAVE A BLESSED HOLIDAY.Timothy Thomas Florida us .</p>
you can take a blu tooth head set and instal it in that hand set
I like seeing instructables like this merging new with retro as I am am old duffer and don't like the cell phone culture of miniaturization and non-ergo friendly design. I may get a cell phone and do this and the retro handset. I dislike the lousy audio of cell phones and the cramps I get trying to cradle the stupid thing to my ear and the ear buds are uncomfortable. Thanks for doing this. I have one different design I would do and that is to rework the charging plug other than USB. Other than that this is terrific.
nice idea ! virtually free (for me anyway) and its so professional looking. kept the box from my galaxy s1 and im just gunna use the foam recess my phone came with !
Really awesome build! I gotta try this. I like the idea that my phone can be charging and I'll have another handset to answer calls.
An excellent idea. Using an old telephone as a caddy for a cel phone. Great job!
I have been wanting to do the same project with a Western 2500 phone as the shell, I have a handset from a 2500 that I can already plug into my cell. now I just need the casing from one, and a battery kit(so I can carry it around cord free and still charging). :)
l'ultima cosa che immaginavo di vedere su instructables &egrave; un Sirio della Telecom! ahahahha fantastico!<br><br>nice job!
beh sai com&egrave; in Italia ne avranno forniti a milioni :-)

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