Picture of Analog Clock with Floating hands.
This is a very low cost make over project of your old, regular, common looking Analog Wall Clock, into a surprising, magical, illusionary looking new Clock.

This project would transform your clock with direct read our Pointers Magically moving inside the clock with no connection to the clock center or clock movement.
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Step 1: Materials/Tools Required.

Picture of Materials/Tools Required.
1: Regular Wall Clock (Preferably round Clock)
2: OHP Sheets
3: Plain White Sheets
4: Flashy colored sheets
5: Ruler
6: Stencil
7: Glue
8: Divider
9: Scissors

Step 2: Preparing the dials.

Picture of Preparing the dials.
The front glass cover of the clock is removed and all 3 (second, minute, hour) hands are removed from the clock and set aside.

My clock already had an Hour dial engraved on to the glass. So only minute dial is prepared. A plain white sheet is cut out with outer diameter of 17cms and inner diameter of 10cms according to convenience.

Numbers are then stenciled on to the sheet. The prepared minute dial is the glued on to the glass from inside using transparent glue with its center matching to that of the clocks centre.

Hour dial is also prepared the same way, and glued on to the inner surface of the glass cover for the clocks where the hour dial is printed or embossed on the back part of the clock.

Step 3: Making the Floating Hour Hand.

Picture of Making the Floating Hour Hand.
My clock had hour dial of inner diameter 21cms

The OHP sheet is marked with diameter slightly lager than the above diameter using a divider and then cut out carefully.

Central hole is also cut out with a diameter, which fits tightly into the Hour movement of the clock.

Step 4: Making the Floating Minute Hand.

Picture of Making the Floating Minute Hand.
 Minute hand is also prepared with the same procedure as hour hand, but with a diameter slightly lager than the inner diameter of minute dial, so the edges of the OHP sheet is overlapped by the prepared minute dial.

Note : The new cut out OHP sheet has the Hour circle larger than the Minute circle, unlike the regular smaller hour hand and larger minute hand.
punee (author) 2 years ago
I carefully cutted the OHP sheet roughly to have a tight fit with clock mechanism, and applied applied little glue around it. And it worked
elsararengo2 years ago
Good Idea, I'm trying it.
I have a question, how did you "join" de clock mechanism with the OHP "hands" to make them turn around?
Machine2 years ago
Nice job. Different while still being functional. You explain it well too.
GoDu23 years ago
I like the analog design but seperate read outs for the hours and minutes
oleksenko3 years ago
cool, thanks
Very nice work. Using the OHP sheets to make the floating hands is good in itself, but using the dials to hide the edges is positively INSPIRED. In a former employment I had occasion to deal with professionally assembled clocks of a similar type which didn't take such care, and which would cost several times what your version does.
punee (author)  Dream Dragon3 years ago
Thank u very much for your inspired and inspirational comment
dimtick3 years ago
really like this project. goog job.
punee (author)  dimtick3 years ago
Thank You
knife1413 years ago
Nice job! OHP is something new to me, though. What is it?
punee (author)  knife1413 years ago
Its the "Over Head Projector" Sheet.
Where old Projectors were used to give presentations etc