Step 4: Circuits

Ah yes, its pod building time! Now you will have to bare with me as I built the actual circuits over a year and a half ago.  Little embarrassed to say that I never properly learned how to draw a circuit diagram and it is next on my list.  So I have included my bizarre 3d representation of the circuit  picture #8 along with many photos.

ADDITION: I have added a slightly proper circuit diagram, hopefully this makes sense!  Please feel free to comment, add advice, or poke holes, its how we all learn.  Thanks!
  1. Cut your bailing wire into sections about 16 inches long.  Bend the middle of it into a circle about the diameter of a tennis ball, this does not have to be precise.  Where the extra wire bisects bend them down at a 90 angle.  After and inch bend it up 90 degrees and after another inch bend it down 90 degrees more.  Do this 60 times.  Look at the pictures!
  2. Take your LED's and your small resistors 470 ohm.  Most places you buy LED's from will supply you with the matching resistors, you just tell them the power source.  I asked for ones to run them off a 12V circuit.  The Blue LED's are 3.2v, the green ones were a little less.  Twist one resistor around the cathode (shorter wire) and solder in place. Repeat 240 times.
  3. Cut your plastic into 60 strips about 1 inch by 5 inches.  Drill holes to look like picture #7
  4. Trim off the 3 leg of the photo transistor, see diagram.  Or if you have 2 legged ones, your done 60 more steps.
  5. From the picture, insert the 2 transistors and the photo-transistors into the hole you made and solder as per the diagram.
  6. Next insert the 22k resistor and solder to the base of the one transistor and tie it to the emitter of the other transistor.  The other end is soldered to a 470ohm resistor which is soldered to the photo transistor. The other leg goes to the base of the second transistor.  Finally off the emitter of the first transistor you solder a wire that will be soldered to the bailing wire ring.  Do 60 times
  7. get out your hot glue, because the plastic base is so thin the heat of the glue enables you to bend the plastic around the bailing wire, attaching it.  Yep 60 times.
  8. finally solder the anodes of the LED's to the bailing wire circle, look at the pics!
  9. Strip your Ethernet cable, you will have 3-4 sets of wire.  Each set will usually have one colored wire, and one white wire, cut off a 3 foot section for each LED pod.  Solder these on as per the photos.
  10. Repeat until complete!
  11. Patience, I will get around to learning how to write a proper diagram.