• This experiment performs about analysis of vibration signal of bldc motor by ADX335 sensor.

Step 1: Analysis of Vibration Signal of BLDC Motor by ADXL335 Sensor

1) What is vibration?

  • Vibration is a mechanical phenomenon whereby oscillation occur about an equilibrium point.

(The oscillation may be periodic, such as the motion of a pendulum or random such as the vibration of mobile phone)

  • In many cases, vibration is undesirable, wasting energy and creating unwanted sound. For example, the vibrational motion of engines, electric motors, or any mechanical device in operation are typically unwanted. Such vibration could be caused by imbalance in the rotating parts, uneven friction, or the meshing of gear teeth.
  • The studies of sound and vibration are closely related. Sound or pressure wave are generated by vibrating structure.

2) Sources of vibration in electrical machines are:

  • Response of the stator core to the attractive force developed magnetically between rotor and stator.
  • Response of the stator end winding to the electromagnetic forces on the conductors.
  • Response of the shaft bearing, supported by the machine structure and foundation to vibration transmitted from the rotor.
  • Dynamic behaviour of the rotor in the bearing as the machines rotates.

3) Type of vibration

  • Free vibration : Free vibrations are oscillations where the total energy stays the same over time. This means that the amplitude of the vibration stays the same
  • Forced vibration : Forced vibrations occur when the object is forced to vibrate at a particular frequency by a periodic input of force.
  • Damped vibration : Theamplitude of the vibration stays the same.In real systems the energy is dissipated to the surroundings over time and the amplitude decays away to zero, this dissipation of energy is called damping vibration.

4) Why need to vibration measure of machines?

  • Machine condition monitoring is the process of monitoring the condition of a machine with the intent to predict mechanical wear and failure. Vibration, noise, and temperature measurements are often used as key indicators of the state of the machine. Trends in the data provide health information about the machine and help detect machine faults early, which prevent unexpected failure and costly repair.

Step 2: List of Component

  • The first and foremost we prepare list of component to measure vibration of particular machines and we should know that specification of component which we will use to measure vibration. Here I am declare some information of component which I will use.
  • Arduino
  • ADXL335 sensor
  • Connecting wire
  • USB cable
  • Load

1) arduino

  • specification of arduino board

1. Microcontroller : ATmega328

2. Operating voltage :5v

3. Input voltage (recommended) : 7-12v

4. Input voltage (limits) : 6-20v

5. Digital I/O pins : 14 ( of which 6 provide PWM output)

6. Analog input pins : 6

7. Dc current for 3.3v pin : 50Ma

8. 32 KB (ATmega328)of which 0.5 KB used by boot loader

9. SRAM : 2KB (ATmega328)

10. EEPROM : 1KB (ATmega328)

11. Clock speed : 16MHz

2) USB cable

3) ADXL335 SENSOR: The ADXL335 is a small, thin low power, complete 3-axis accelerometer with signal condition voltage output. The product measure acceleration with a minimum full-sacle range of _+3g.it can measure the static acceleration of gravity in till sensing application as well as dynamic acceleration resulting from motion, shock, or vibration.

  • 3-axis sensing small, low profile package
  • 4mm*4mm*1.45mm LFCSP
  • low power: 350Ua
  • Single-supply operation: 1.8V to 3.6V
  • Excellent temperature stability

4) Connecting wire

5) Motor

  • Technical Data
  • KV : 1000RPM/V
  • Max Efficiency : 80%
  • Max efficiency current : 4 – 10A
  • No load current : 0.5A – 10V
  • Max watts : 150W
  • Poles : 14

6 ) Battery

  • 2200mAh , 25C ,3cell 11.1v and brust 30c.

Step 3: Setup

Now, we will able to go on experiment setup hitherto. We will have to make program in arduino software for ADXL335 sensor. If you have good knowledge about c language then you can easily make the program. Otherwise you can follow my program which I declared below. If you have made program in arduino software then you will have to connect arduino hardware to pc or laptop by USB cable. Whatever you have. Now you will have to check the port which is indicate in arduino software tools and check now it is connected or not by usb cable. If it is connected then it’s appearing of “COM3” like this. Now you will be able to upload program which have made by you.

Step 4: Experimentel Setup

  • Here ,I have used arduino hardware, battery ,ADXL335 sensor , BLDC motor with esc for vibration purpose, transmitter and receiver purpose of to control the speed of bldc motor.
  • Here I have connected adxl335 sensor by connecting wire to arduino hardware with proper arrangement. Then I have uploaded program in arduino hardware to check the it was working or not.
  1. Working condition

  • Now, I have prepared experiment setup in proper way.here I have connected arduino with adxl335 sensor for vibration analysis purpose and along with I have kept motor for source of vibration purpose. And also use load.

Step 5: Results Discussion

  • In this method Aurdino is used along with the accelerometer which measures the vibrations from the motor and gives the digital output after burning the program for the accelerometer. After verifying and compiling the program in Aurdino select the serial monitor from the tools which results in the accelerometer reading in x, y, z direction which will be displayed in the serial monitor. Graph is plotted on serial monitor in arduino software. The plotted graph is considered as the result of the experiment. If plotted graph show minimum amplitude in the waves, it mean motor is healthy, and in other case if the plotted waveform have maximum level of amplitude it mean the condition of motor is not good, motor is faulty.
  • Here I have got different, different results of vibration. 1) motor no load condition , load condition and stalling condition which are results declared below.

1) Motor no load condition

2) Motor load condition

3) Stalling condition

  • · Conclusion

That technique helps us to predict the early faults detection by using that powerful and advance technology in that motors. This experiment represents the small technique which has great capability to identified the available faults with proper accuracy in the motors. The health of motors must be monitored and appropriate measurement taken, that appropriate fault detection method used for welfare of the society and welfare of machine.

Step 6: List of Component

  • The first and foremost we prepare list of component to measure vibration of particular machines and we should know that specification of component which we will use to measure vibration. Here I am declare some information of component which I will use.
  • Arduino
  • ADXL335 sensor
  • Connecting wire
  • USB cable
  • Load

1) arduino

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