Picture of Anamorphic Lense Flares in Photoshop Elements (7)
The Lense Flares included in PhotoShop Elements are great, but lets create a better, anamorphic one.

Step 1: The Elements

Picture of The Elements
Create a new project in Photo Shop with a transparent background.
adjust the size depending on the type of application your working on.
The Flare will be composed of the following:
The Main Shiny Thing (MST)
The Other Shiny Things That Make The Flare Look Even Cooler (OSTTMTFLEC)
These Will Be Explained In Depth Later (TWBEIDL)
jarse714 years ago
Works very nice. Thanks!
Isn't lens spelled with only 1 'e'. Anyway, Great work.
Euro spelling. Both are correct. Specifically, a Lense is a single optical element (like a magnifying glass) a Lens is any assembly (like on a camera lens) of individual lenses, but can also refer to a singular lense.
fkuk5 years ago
the last picture witht eh car headlight the orange looks kinda off (overexposed) i think thats what you call it or something along thouse lines
digitech (author)  fkuk5 years ago
yeah, my good cameras batteries were charging so I had to use my other suckish one and i kinda rushed the curves adjustment
jamwaffles5 years ago
Looks good - ill have to try the same on the GIMP sometime :)