Picture of Ancient Chicken Trap
Alas! I have researched the web and found no information on this trap, fortunately, I still remember it when it was taught to me by a cousin 28 years ago while I was on summer vacation in the countryside. What better place to document it than! So here goes...

Imagine being stranded on an island or trying to rebuild a community after a zombie apocalypse and you find some chickens! Hunting them would be simple for most, but you want to capture and domesticate them for the eggs! Here I present to you the knowledge on how to build a simple chicken trap, the ancient way!
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Step 1: Gather the materials

Picture of Gather the materials
Coconut Frond Midrib.jpg
Coconut Husk Fiber Rope.jpg
Coconut Husk.jpg
You will need the following:

1. A coconut or other bowl-shaped container (half a coconut if you are stranded on an island, an ordinary bowl or even a ramen noodle plastic bowl would do for urban setting)

2. the spring mechanism, coconut frond midrib (pickup the dried fronds, not fresh as they are flexible, mostly used for weaving) or fashion some from bamboo or wooden skewers or twigs. plastic pickup sticks would also do! you can find and improvise on a lot of materials for this once you see the assembled trap.

3. a string or light rope. for the island scenario, you can gather some from local flora or fashion a rope from the coconut husk strands as shown in the picture below. for urban setting, you can find a lot to use ranging from making some from your shirt, using shoelaces, paracord, etc. also shown is the dried coconut husk where you can get the fibers.

MissSunbeam6 months ago

I'm going to try this, thanks for the instructable! I'll update on how it goes :) maybe add a pic

bakdrft1 year ago
if you want to find out how to make this trap. Look at any "Bird Dog" training books. They all describe how to make quail/pigeon traps. If not I can supply information about this trap. I have made 3 of them.
rocklocker2 years ago
When I was a little kid my cousin showed me the kind of trap you have in the first picture. We used orange crates and cans of catfood and trapped alley cats. The only problem we ran into was releasing the cats who were very unhappy.
ha ha, that's funny
Trogdayton2 years ago
This is really quite clever. I never would have thought of this kind of snare. Thanks!
JakeCon (author)  Trogdayton2 years ago
Thanks! When it was taught to me, I thought we were just playing, messing around with the livestock. I did not realize that it will be a good outdoor/survivalist kind of thing.
Johenix2 years ago
This ought to be able to snare a Ringneck Phesant or a wild turkey. Don't let the game warden catch you.
JakeCon (author)  Johenix2 years ago
Hmmm, good idea though we have no place here with those fowls, they'd probably fall for the same trap.
Johenix2 years ago
Where are you, Hawaii or Key West, Florida?
JakeCon (author)  Johenix2 years ago
Nice question, but I'm here in the Muntinlupa City, Philippines.
This is really clever!
JakeCon (author)  audreyobscura2 years ago
Thanks! I'm happy to have shared it with you.