This simple, easy to make robot was designed in Ancient Greece, and it is considered to be the first programmable device. With a few bits of wood, string, and a brick you can build your very own! It uses a brick hanging from a piece of string for it's power, and is capable of moving forwards and backwards and steering.

Step 1: Making The Frame

The frame is made from a piece of wood, with four smaller bits coming off, poking out the front. One on each side, and two in the middle. To connect these, I used two pin-nails on each small bit of wood, coming down through the main strut. I also added a bit of PVA glue (wood glue).
Well, the Ancient Greek dude who invented those things was Heron of Alexandria. He was also the first to discover the power of steam, which was 200 (I think) rediscovered in Europe. <br>Here is the Wikipedia page about him <br>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hero_of_Alexandria <br>And for your convenience, the 'book' he wrote referring to these automated devises (which he mostly used for portable automatic theatres and automatic temples) is called Automata.
Oh, this is a great idea - could we see it running?
Cool! Nice idea for the programming thing. Never heard about it. Please share any link where I can read more about it.

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