Picture of Android & Arduino Controlled Projector Screen
This is my first time using Arduino, or any microcontroller. I'm glad it worked out so well but my wife may not be, due to the stacks of microcontrollers that will being showing up on our doorstep soon for future projects. Any feedback or questions are welcome, as are votes in the Arduino Contest.

Why (Problem)
I love watching sports, my family loves watching sports, and we all love cheering on our local college team (Go Dawgs). This leads to lots of watch parties on game day. Since there are usually upwards of 15 people we use a projector so everyone has a good view. The downside is the screen. In the past this was just a white sheet tacked to the wall. This was decent but left a lot to be desired.

What (Solution)
A motorized, Android and Arduino controlled, Bluetooth enabled, screen. The screen itself is made of white blackout material, giving a smooth bright projection surface. The whole unit is stored above a drop ceiling which the screen is deployed through, into the room (if you don't have a drop ceiling where you use your projector don't worry, you can just mount to the ceiling or wall).

New Screen Pros
  • Storage - With a push of a phone button the screen is stored out of sight, in the ceiling.
  • Setup - With a push of a different button the screen is deployed and ready for use. No more thumbtack holes in the wall or ironing a sheet that was folded up and creased.
  • Picture Quality - The blackout material screen does not allow projected images to show through to the back or let ambient light from behind seep through. Also no more having to iron your sheet/screen before use or waves and wrinkles in the screen.
  • Wow Factor - Because it's awesome, enough said.
  • Cost - A similarly sized, motorized screen will run you $300, or up to $1500 for a in-ceiling model!
New Screen Cons
  • Cost - A white sheet from Wal-Mart is probably a few bucks, where as an Arduino UNO alone is close to $30.
Now that we know why we're here, lets get cracking!
gc9n2 months ago


You can use encoder for position

bwrussell (author)  gc9n2 months ago

You sure could.

jbobakanoosh6 months ago

Is there any way that I can implement an iOS equivalent of this software?

bwrussell (author)  jbobakanoosh6 months ago

I assume you mean the Android side and not the Arduino code?

Yes there is a way but I don't know the specifics and it will involve more work.

Your best bet would probably be to look up some Bluetooth-Apple projects on the site and see how they handle it or ask the creators.The more open nature of the Android environment means most people probably gravitate towards it for projects like this so you may have to look at a few to find one that uses Apple.

Alternatively try to find a generic Bluetooth serial app and use it to directly type and send the numbered codes.

If you really did mean the Arduino code then there is nothing OS specific about it. Just go to www.Arduino.cc and download the IDE for your operating system.

lcs50007 months ago
Have you finished the gate/door
bwrussell (author)  lcs50007 months ago
I never did get to that. In the end the fact that it was out of the way in a room that doesn't get used much meant there wasn't much incentive to roll it up and down. Now we're planning on moving soon so it's all got to come out anyways. I may do an updated version in the new house though.
DeadlyBp2 years ago
Excellent instructable... I like how you used the shaft directly on to the rod...great article!
bwrussell (author)  DeadlyBp2 years ago
Thank you, glad you like it! It worked pretty well for the resources I had but I think access to a 3D printer could really kick it up a notch. Some day I may do a second version that's a little less, "prototype-y", if you know what I mean.
Wow, this is very impressive, I noticed we have the same bluetooth dongle and it's making me wish I had a projector so I could build this myself, sadly I don't have a drop ceiling so I'd have to make it look even more pretty and bolt it directly to the ceiling, I take my hat off to you sir this is a very impressive ible.
bwrussell (author)  Dominion-Network3 years ago
Thanks! That Bluetooth module is pretty awesome. It was one of the easiest parts of the project to get working. I'll definitely be using it again.