Every household contain some old electric toy and some old Android phone. Why we should'nt bring them a new remote controlled robot with the help of Arduino and L298N Dual Motor Controller.

Step 1: What We Need

We need an Arduino UNO or compatible, a L298N Dual Motor Controller, two Android phone, one of the must be OTG compatible, and an OTG adapter. And a toy vehicle which has two motor, one for wheeling and one for throttle.

Step 2: The Hardware

You can find a detailed desciption of L298N Dual Motor Controller in thes article: https://www.instructables.com/id/Control-DC-and-ste...

I use the same I/O settng:

in1 connected to Arduino digital port 9

in2 connected to Arduino digital port 8

in3 connected to Arduino digital port 7

in4 connected to Arduino digital port 6

The Arduino is connected to the Andoid phone by the OTG adapter.

Step 3: The Software

The software has two part. One for Arduibno. The Ardiuno source is in the Sketch1.ino file.

You can find the Andoid sofware on the Github: https://github.com/landroo/Arduino-Motorcontrol-

This is a client server application. You can connect by ip socket if you have router, or wifi direct if you haven't.
It's contain a web sever, sou you can remote control by a web browser.

The installable APK file also dawnloadable form github: https://github.com/landroo/Arduino-Motorcontrol-/b...

Step 4: In Use

First you must start a the controller application.The Wifi Direct server automatically started, but if you wan to access by IP server or want to control by a Web browser, you must start the appropriate server. Then connect with the remote phone. When the connection is established the video stream start and you can control the motors.

<p>Nice. This would be a great way to start building a telepresence robot.</p>

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