DIY Android Bluetooth PC Gamepad With Arduino Leonardo





Introduction: DIY Android Bluetooth PC Gamepad With Arduino Leonardo

Tutorial and test video:

Link to the App Inventor and Arduino file in youtube video description.

Step 1: Part List, Wiring and Playing

- Arduino Leonardo (leonardo board have keyboard and mouse emulation. Im using pro micro)

- Bluetooth module (Im using HC-06)

- Button (on the leonardo Pin 4. Its an emergency shut down :) )

I think don't need too much talk about arduino and bluetooth connecting, but if you stuck, check my previous instructables, there is details.

Broadly: Rx to Tx, Tx to Rx, Vcc to Vcc, Gnd to Gnd.

Other Arduino modules need to unplug BT when uplading code, with Leonardo not need this.

If you have problem with arduino leonardo install and library, there is a great sparkfun tutorial:

Sparkfun Leonardo pro micro guide

Sometime got error when uploading code to the leonardo, then just press upload again.

The App Inventor app automatically connecting to the HC-06, so you need to add your MAC address.

(You can see in the video)

For more details check the video, and don't forget pair your BT module with the phone.

Have fun, and do not laugh on my rally skill :)



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    great ible. do you have experience with the reverse project: making a arduino bluetooth controller for android games? or know any project? thanks!

    Thanks. No, sorry. I have 1-2 project with arduino send potmeter value to app inventor, but no other.

    Is your app available on app store ???

    No, but uploaded to my google drive, you can download from there.

    Link in video description.

    Is your app available on app store ???

    Great project!

    Thanks!! =D

    Cool! Thanks for sharing this.

    Could you implement tilt controls?

    Yes, but not work smoothly yet.