Android Dimmer





Introduction: Android Dimmer

This is an android dimmer which also works by hand,

The power on the servo's is only there when it's android operated with a HC-05.

it works with an Pro mini atmega168 or 328

The program drives a servo which drives 3Dprinted gears on a simple triac dimmer,

so you can control any lightbulp by hand or phone or tablet.

Step 1: Build Dimmer

First i did build a simple bulpdimmer on a cheap pcb, you alwayskeep in mind

the voltage can be dangerous , all parts including the potentiometer have high voltage !!

Step 2: Circuit Building

First order your stuf from the picture above, i got mine from ebay, but you can buy them anywhere.

don't forgot to order the buck converter and the 9 gram servo(s)

I did build it on a pcb as you can see,

Before connecting the power to the board, be sure the adjusted power does'nt exceed 5 volt !!

This cicuit does'nt only dim a bulb, it also controls a fan, wich i use for my Bbq.

If you don'nt need this you just leave the parts away.

Step 3: Programming

You have to program the Pro mini atmega 128 and here is the program.

Step 4:

Here are the files to print the gears on a 3D printer.

Step 5: Enjoy It



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    Interesting project, just one question: instead of controlling it through servo and potentiometer why didn't you choose to control directly the triac?

    If you want to turn the light on and you don't have your phone, handcontrol comes in handy, that's the hole idea !