Learn how to make an Android G1 2.8v serial to USB Serial device adapter (using a 3.3v ttl to usb serial adapter). This can be used for kernel debugging/etc with your computer. This project shouldn't cost you more than 40 bucks if you already have basic electronic tools such as a soldering iron.

Notice: The ability to use 3.3v ttl level serial is based off of google group discussions and a picture of a serial cable used by an alleged android dev. 2.8v level serial was determined via someone using a voltmeter. Build/use at your own risk and check the comments of this instructable too before beginning!

Information may be applied to build a 2.8v serial to RS232 converter to interact with RS232 devices, or a 2.8v serial to serial 5v level converter to interact with microcontroller such as an Arduino. I may post instructables on how to make these once I play around with the G1 kernel some more. :)

This tutorial assumes basic knowledge of soldering. If you don't have this skill you should find an instructable regarding it and practice a bit. The soldering required for this project isn't difficult, but needs to be done in a small amount of space which could be difficult for beginners.

This cable was created based off of information received from the Android-Platform Google Group.

... Specifically these two threads:

...This picture of a "mystical" g1 serial cable helped (and confused!) too:

Please leave constructive criticism/comments if you find any steps wrong, confusing... or poorly written!

Step 1: Items Needed

To build this converter you will need the following:

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