Picture of Android Gingerbread

Android Gingerbread - get it while it's hot!

Just in time for the new Android Gingerbread release date.  Now you can be the first kid on the block to have it - and eat it too!

Step 1: Making the Cutters

I like to use lasers whenever I can because it makes me sound cooler than I am.  And, having this giant laser cutter at work makes it even easier!  So of course, I laser cut some templates to make cookie cutters.

I made a bunch of different sizes, and chose my favorites.

Then I used some hose clamps (thanks everyone for helping me identify them!)  which bent with only moderate force around the templates.  

The first one I closed with twist-ties, but by the time I did the robot, I got smart.

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mrpi641 year ago

Awww, just so cute!!!! And tasty, probably! Now comes the time for an ice-cream sandwitch.

I am looking forward to see the IOS 6 cookies !
narly (:
lancmaltby3 years ago
Wow - these are great!
minialice4 years ago
OMG they're so cute
It looks like *puts on sunglasses* they were iced
LMAO .. nice one "H"... he could make "im going to mcdonalds" sound dramatic...
I still think that one was hilarious.
DiyProjects4 years ago

very creative make,
nice job!
leeseefee4 years ago
are these cutters food safe?
toxa4 years ago
android has cookies =)
Android more powerful than the instructables robot?! tune in next weak!
Batness4 years ago
I know this kind of negates the whole "gingerbread" part, but other cookie doughs won't puff up as much and will retain a cutout shape better.

THAT being said, I want a lazer cutter. ;_; I want to make my own cookie cutters like that now...I have to do it the ghetto way and bend already bought cutters. XD
Lindie4 years ago
Great job!
neilh4 years ago
Android web brower has cookie issue.
you mean chrome?
Robot power! I love android. You should make an army of them attacking an iphone.
"Aw geez boss, i dunno, this takes the biscuit, there's crumbs everywhere. Looks like this guy cooked himself, and the rest were too baked to notice. One way or another, they all met their baker."
This is by far my favourite!
look android, the others tried to eat themselves, i know were so delicious but we cannot resort to cannibalism anymore
bamfett4 years ago
you can't catch me i'm the ginger bread man... robot
Mojo_JoJo4 years ago
Cookies need love like everything does
lrusso24074 years ago
I see you tried to help the others and I am OK with the kink in my neck.
dtphoto4 years ago
Four down, one instructable to go!
raynault4 years ago
Android, ... , Android, Instructable, Android, Android...

Using the above clues, fill in the blank.
instructibles robot says: What the hell! im a cookie!
android robot says : join the club, fred over their got a bunch stuck in his web browser.
wiggle dance
so the beta test of the improbability drive was a complete smashing succsess, now how do we restore normality?
come to the open source side! we have cookies!
the instructibles robot, now in three dimensions and more delicious than ever...
moGuyver4 years ago

"Yes... this is his work.  The ninjabread man was here."
oh no, the transmogrifier malfunctioned.....
soapdishy4 years ago
Worst. Bezerk. Game. Ever.
Bridad4 years ago
Four out of five gingerbread instructable robots agree, green frosting is just to DIE for!
MRJOLT4 years ago
There other other fish in the sea.
crazydog754 years ago
I was wondering what that codename meant!
teamcoltra4 years ago
"Oh no... the zombie androids are coming to eat us"
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