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Antique Mirror
RGB Shield for IOIOMint Board - coming shortly from Seeedstudio
IR Proximity Sensor
32x32 RGB LED Matrix - coming shortly from Seeedstudio or 16x32 RGB LED Matrix from Adafruit
Android Device
Android Apps Written for this Project (Free)
5VDC (4A) Power Supply

The Android device is talking to the IOIO board over Bluetooth. The IOIO board is then controlling the LED matrix (over 1,000 RGB LEDs).

Using the Android apps written for this project, it's very easy to customize with your own images and animations by simply copying your files to the SD card/internal storage of your Android device, no coding is required.

Special thanks to Ytai Ben-Tsvi , creator of the IOIO board, for all of his help on the project. Ytai wrote the custom firmware & corresponding Android API that allows the IOIO board to control the RGB LED Matrix.

Step 1: Wiring and RGB LED Matrix Shield

To make the wiring super easy, an RGB LED matrix shield was designed for this project which plugs into the IOIOMint or Droidalyzer IOIO board.

1. Plug the RGB LED Matrix shield into the IOIOMint or Droidalyzer IOIO board
2. Plug the IDC cable from the matrix into the shield
3. Plug the power cables from the LED matrix shield into the power terminal blocks on the RGB LED Matrix shield
4. Plug the Grove proximity sensor into the first Grove module on the RGB LED Matrix shield

If you don't have the IOIO RGB Matrix shield, you can still do the project, it will just take a little longer to wire up the RGB LED matrix to the IOIO board. Here's the pinouts for wiring up the LED matrix to the IOIO board.
That is SO Beautiful
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
your trick for scratching the mirror is great!
Nice Idea.
Awesomely sexy! You must market this! everything (HW+SW) bundles up!
thanks, that's nice to hear, hope to have the product version out in a month or so
Epic work man how you do this...oh yeah it say's right there =) lol <br>nice going this is really cool

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