In this project, we will build an Android Lego Bot. The difficulty level of this tutorial is easy and is designed for both adults and children. There will be two major sections for this tutorial, the head and the body.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

  • The materials needed for this project can be purchased through Etsy. You can click here to visit the seller's website. As for the tools, you can purchase the Brick Separator on Lego's website.

For this project, we will need the entire set of legos listed below:


  • [8] 1x1 white Lego blocks
  • [4] 1x1 white dot-round plates
  • [2] 1x1 white blank plates
  • [4] 1x2 white Lego blocks
  • [2] 1x4 white blank plates
  • [2] 1x2 white hinge plates
  • [1] 2x4 white Lego block
  • [8] 1x1 black Lego blocks
  • [1] 2x2 black Lego block
  • [4] 1x2 red Lego blocks
  • [4] 1x4 gray hinge blocks
  • [2] 2x2 gray hinge blocks
  • [2] 2x2 yellow Lego blocks
  • [1] 2x4 yellow Lego blocks
  • [1] 2x2 green Lego block
  • [3] 1x2 green Lego blocks
  • [7] 1x1 green Lego blocks
  • [4] 1x1 green square lego blocks
  • [19] 2x4 green Lego blocks
  • [4] 1x1 green tubular leg legos
  • [2] 2x2 green circular arm plates
  • [4] 2x2 green circular raised arm plates
  • [2] 1x4 green Lego blocks


  • Brick Separator (needed if you want to take apart the Android bot later)
<p>Your step 4 gray block conflicts with the visual in step 6. In step 4, 2 male connectors are on the outside, in 6, there are 4. Per the original instructions, it should be 2 outward facing connectors.</p><p>See: https://youtu.be/i3Neluh6F5s?t=38</p>
<p>Thanks for posting this! I also got this kit from a Google Event, and misplaced the instructions.</p>
<p>for sale &pound;5</p>
Some of the bricks aren't available on Pick-A-Brick.
<p>i don't think it was made out of LEGO (Not '<em>Legos</em>')</p>
<p>he said they are another brand, but you could substitute the pieces :)</p>
<p>cool! Could you make an iPhone with Lego, or perhaps an apple sign?</p>
<p>Great instructable!... but next tim try using actual legos:)</p>
<p>I like your Android bot creation.<br>One question; are these really LEGO bricks? Im confused because bricks i know have LEGO sign on studs.</p>
<p>They are a fake off brand of legos, but probably just as good!</p>
<p>Honestly, not entirely sure. I received this &quot;lego&quot; set for free from a Google event. </p>
How much did the parts cost?
<p>I received this set for free, but I believe you can purchase them on eBay or Etsy as a set, around $20-$30.</p>
that's really cool :D
<p>thanks :D</p>
<p>Hahaha I love Bugdroid! Great instructable! </p>
<p>Thanks! :)</p>

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