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Introduction: Android Phone Control RGB Strip

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RGB Strip


Andord App

More than 7 control Modes

Constant Color / Random / Rambo / RGB / Blink / User-Define Play sequences / Breathing…..

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Step 1: Parts List and Schematics

USB to TTL X1 Connect PC and Pro-Mini for uploading code /

PC control ProMini

Arduino ProMini X1 Control RGB Led in different shining modes

HC-05 Bluetooth X1 Receive command from Android Phone via Bluetooth.

RGB Com-Cathode X1 Indicating RGB light state.

RGB Strip 5050 5M X1 RGB LED strip, 12V, Common Anode.

Resistor X3 220 Ohm.

NPN Mosfet X3 TIP41C NPN, TO220

Power Supply 12V-5A X1 Offer the power to RGB Strip and Arduino Promini.

Step 2: Arduino Source Code

Arduino Source Code


BlueTooth Test

PWM PIN 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11

Daniel Lu :

1. D,3,255 ->  Set D3 = 255

2. A,1 ->  Read A3 value

3. C,255,255,255 ->  set R,G,B value to PinR,PinG,PinB

4, M,1  set PlayMode, cListerning, cAuto, cRandom, cRambo ....

5. P,3,5,6 ->   set PinR=3, PinG=5, PinB=6

6. TD,200 -> gDelayMsc = 200 msec

7. TI,30000 -> gIdleMsec = 30000 msec

8. RS/RE -> start/end recording



//#define HardwareDelay;

#define CommonAnode

//#define debug;

#define enableBreath

// Type Define ***********************************************************************************

typedef struct TPinRec {

byte PinNo;


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    5 Discussions

    I have made it,but it lights up all color and then turn off, then back on.

    Please help

    Did you solve the problem. Send me your schematic, check if I can get it corrected.

    The default mode is "Breathing". you need to download the android app, change the mode with app. Watch the video will helps.

    can we use this without bluetooth via otg cable cable using serial. If yes please send me the code to my mail

    including app.