Step 11: Software setup

Now that we've done the physical setup, it's time to work on the software side.

I've made some screen captures to help you out.

- Take your Android phone
- Install ES file explorer from the android market (any other file browser will do)
- Download the Amarino application
- Download the Amarino plugins
- Put those two files on your smartphone's SD/microSD card.
- Install Amarino and Amarino plugins (pic.2)
- Pair your bluetooth module (pincode is 1234)  (pics 3,4,5,6, 7)
- Open the Amarino application (pic. 8)
- Add the newly paired device (pic. 9 and 10)
- Dont connect yet. Add an accelerometer event by clicking in the red box. (pic. 11). You should get something like pic. 12
- You're done with the android-side setup. Now onto the Arduino IDE :

- Download the Amarino library:
 Arduino Library(updated)
 Arduino Library(old)

- Extract it in your libraries folder : arduino_install_dir/libraries/extract_meetandroid.zip_here
- Restart the Arduino IDE
- If everything went well, you can find the library under "Sketch->Import library"
- Now, download the Arduino sketch HERE .
- unzip it and open it in the Arduino IDE
- unplug the bluetooth module connector (See last picture.  If you don't unplug, the code upload will fail !)
- connect your arduino with your computer with an usb cable
- upload the sketch to the arduino
- disconnect the usb cable
- plug back in the bluetooth connector.
- put your RC car back together
arun.dh932 years ago
Its a great step by step tutorial.
You have used arduino here.Can we use avr? I use atmega 32 for all my projects so how do i do it? Is there any library for that?