Step 2: Print the Arduino Shield

I've designed a simple Arduino shield to hold the h-bridge and the voltage divider (needed by the bluetooth module).

- download the Eagle CAD project (in zip format) HERE .
- unzip it in your Eagle project directory (located in "My Documents" for winXP or in "Documents" for win7 or in your home directory if you're on linux)
- open Eagle CAD, load the project and open the board (see the screenshots below)
- disable all layers, the enable only the "Top", "Bottom", "Pads" and "Vias" layers.
- you should get something like the third screenshot
- click the print button
- check the "Black" and "Mirror" checkboxes, align the print to the center, and pay attention to the scale factor : it must be set to 1 ! If it's not, you will fail the pcb.
- take a magazine page (I use "Speakeasy magazine", it works really well), load it in your laser printer and print by clicking the "ok" button
- cut the shape of the shield with scissors
- you should get something like the sixth image.

Now head over to step 3: preparing the PCB...

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