Step 2: Print the Arduino Shield

Picture of Print the Arduino Shield
I've designed a simple Arduino shield to hold the h-bridge and the voltage divider (needed by the bluetooth module).

- download the Eagle CAD project (in zip format) HERE .
- unzip it in your Eagle project directory (located in "My Documents" for winXP or in "Documents" for win7 or in your home directory if you're on linux)
- open Eagle CAD, load the project and open the board (see the screenshots below)
- disable all layers, the enable only the "Top", "Bottom", "Pads" and "Vias" layers.
- you should get something like the third screenshot
- click the print button
- check the "Black" and "Mirror" checkboxes, align the print to the center, and pay attention to the scale factor : it must be set to 1 ! If it's not, you will fail the pcb.
- take a magazine page (I use "Speakeasy magazine", it works really well), load it in your laser printer and print by clicking the "ok" button
- cut the shape of the shield with scissors
- you should get something like the sixth image.

Now head over to step 3: preparing the PCB...
which bluetooth module should i use ??
can any1 plz give the exact specifications ??
francisroan3 years ago
what is the D1 D2 M1 M2 in the schematic?
a1r (author)  francisroan3 years ago
In the arduino code, that is :
They connect to the control terminals on the L293 chip, and are used to tell the motors (or solenoid) in which direction move. The EnablePin is to set the motor's speed.