Picture of Android Security Cameras
So I was sitting in my room with a spanking new nexus 7 wondering what I should do with my old android phone (galaxy mini)  as i don't really use it any more. Then it occurred to me,  why not turn it into a local wireless surveillance camera? I decided to do just that.  Basically, what I am about to show you is how to turn an old android phone with a camera into a local wireless surveillance camera so you can spy on people in your house.

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Step 1: Step 1

First off,  you.'ll need some form of android phone with a camera,  and some other device capable of using the internet e.g.  laptop,  pc,  tablet,  another phone etc.  

1. Download an app called IP Webcam from the play store. This use your phone to broadcast video over your home network. #
2. Once this is done, open the app and scroll down the list until you come to the bottom and see the 'start server' button. Click that.
3. Conceal the phone somewhere discreet. Make sure the camera has a good view of the room you want to spy on. You might want to plug it in, as it may lose power quickly.
4. Make note of the IP address and port number at the bottom of your screen.
ywar.tar2 months ago
Thank you so much. I posted in the community not long ago for just this thing :-) I have several old android phones and wanted to do something like this but didn't know how. Just as a side question which I may be able to figure out with some research, how can I get the programs onto old phones that are not hooked up to the cell phone network?
If wi-fi doesn't work you could sideload it.
Thanks! More cams for Blue Iris!