With the economy in a bad place, I can't afford a case for my android tablet (yes I know I wasted all my money on an android tablet).

I came up with case that cost about $5. If you have the stuff at home it may cost you less.


1. Razors or scissors
2. Fabric (I used a pillow case) 40 in. x 40 in.
3. Needle and Thread or Sewing Machine
4. White colored pencil
5. Cardboard (18 in x 14 in.)
6. Ruler
7. Clothes Iron

Step 1: Prep Your Fabric and Cut Your Cardboard

I didn't include pictures here, because it's pretty easy.

1. Iron your fabric it will make it easy to sew.

2. Once your finished ironing, cut your fabric to 10 in. x 30½ in.

3. Cut your cardboard into 2 pieces, both should be 8½ in. x 6 ¾ in.

Very nicely done! I have a store-bought Calvin Klein case, very similar in design to this one, for my Pan Digital Novel hacked Android tablet. I may use your plans to make a custom case for my next tablet. One suggestion: You might want to consider replacing the fabric straps with elastic, for a firmer hold. Another suggestion for consideration: I made a similar case from an old address book, and used velcro on both the tablet and case, to prevent the tablet from slipping from the case.
wish i saw this for i spent $15 for one for my galaxy tab<br>maybe ill do one for my iPhone
Nice, I have a Kindle and I'm looking to make a case for it, something like this would work.
Pretty neat, keep up the good work.

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