Picture of Android Tablet Case for 8

With the economy in a bad place, I can't afford a case for my android tablet (yes I know I wasted all my money on an android tablet).

I came up with case that cost about $5. If you have the stuff at home it may cost you less.


1. Razors or scissors
2. Fabric (I used a pillow case) 40 in. x 40 in.
3. Needle and Thread or Sewing Machine
4. White colored pencil
5. Cardboard (18 in x 14 in.)
6. Ruler
7. Clothes Iron

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Step 1: Prep your Fabric and cut your cardboard

I didn't include pictures here, because it's pretty easy.

1. Iron your fabric it will make it easy to sew.

2. Once your finished ironing, cut your fabric to 10 in. x 30½ in.

3. Cut your cardboard into 2 pieces, both should be 8½ in. x 6 ¾ in.

Step 2: Aligning your cover.

Picture of Aligning your cover.
This step is where you get the alignment for your case.

Lay your fabric out and place your 2 pieces of card board in the middle and fold the fabric over the cardboard to cover the cardboard. As shown in the picture.

Step 3: Aligning the other side

Picture of Aligning the other side
Then fold the other side over the cardboard so that it resembles the picture.

Step 4: Spine width

Picture of Spine width
The space between the spine and the two pieces of cardboard should be about a finger width apart which is about ½ in.

As in the picture, you can just use your finger, all you are trying to do is make sure that the fabric is tight around your cardboard.

Step 5: The remaining side measurement

Picture of The remaining side measurement
The over hanging sides should also be ½ in. on each side as well. This space around this is normal. So leave it there "DON'T CUT IT OFF"

Step 6: Marking your sewing spots

Picture of Marking your sewing spots

Use your white colored pencil and mark the top and bottom of the case, but not the spine leave it blank. 

Step 7: Marking all the spots

Picture of Marking all the spots
Mark the rest of bottom and the top, but still not the spine.

Step 8: Now on to sewing

Picture of Now on to sewing
Once you sew the tops and bottoms of the case you can slide out the cardboard.

That is why we didn't sew the spine together it makes it easier to take the cardboard out.
Winged Fist3 years ago
Very nicely done! I have a store-bought Calvin Klein case, very similar in design to this one, for my Pan Digital Novel hacked Android tablet. I may use your plans to make a custom case for my next tablet. One suggestion: You might want to consider replacing the fabric straps with elastic, for a firmer hold. Another suggestion for consideration: I made a similar case from an old address book, and used velcro on both the tablet and case, to prevent the tablet from slipping from the case.
cody7774 years ago
wish i saw this for i spent $15 for one for my galaxy tab
maybe ill do one for my iPhone
ChrysN4 years ago
Nice, I have a Kindle and I'm looking to make a case for it, something like this would work.
FrozenStar4 years ago
Pretty neat, keep up the good work.