Step 8: Amplifier to Car Adapter

Picture of Amplifier to Car Adapter
You will need to run 2 cables per channel and a signal cable from the amplifier to the car adapter.  This connection can be either butt-connected with crimp style connectors or (better) use soldered connections with heat-shrink.  I recommend a piece of scotch tape wrapped around a sheet of paper to label the ends of the wires.  The other option instead of scotch tape is clear heat shrink.  This really leaves a really nice looking label.

To connect the source, in this case the android tablet, a stereo mini to rca (red and white) is needed. If you plan on having the device charge while it is being used, a ground loop isolator will needed to be added to this audio circuit. If powering the device and also using it as an audio source without this isolator you will hear a lot of static.
Didn't know about this ground loop isolator... now i know why i get a lot of static on my rig. Thanks pal.
Static or alternator whine? Usually in cars it's a whine that changes pitch with the speed of the engine.
Definitively whine (mistook the sound for plain static)... its pitch gets louder as i accelerate, so i guess it's because of the alternator spinning more rapidly...
Check your grounds, and check for a fried channel on your amp, happened to my first amp thanks to me dropping it to like 1ohm before I even knew what ohms were, lol.