Android Tablet As Carputer/stereo





Introduction: Android Tablet As Carputer/stereo

I chose to use a Lenovo a2107-f
a 7" tablet, it has no painted on buttons, like most tablets do and all iPads do (as well as an external button)
so the install looks as clean as I can get it to look with my resources...

with this install I chose to do it a cheaply as possible, the only thing that REALLY cost me was the tablet itself
~ $160, the other material I already owned
the tablet was a trade on CL, but the item I traded actually cost me $160 about a year ago

I already had a double DIN stereo so the install kit (the Metra kit)
was already mine, I also purchased a external volume control
a right angle micro USB and audio out
the only other expense expenses I had were 99 cents for the felt backing (felt)
and $4.95 for the paint

a total of less than $35, thanks Ebay

the Metra kit was only used for the front bezel and the side rails, but they are not attached to each other
the front bezel just is just the border of my tablet face

the rails hold the felt back...

my recommendations in software are
NavFree USA (if your tab has a GPS built in) = free
CarHome Ultra for ease of use, it is very customizable (the last pic) = $5 or so
PowerAmp for music = $5 or so

here is my Youtube series

here is also a video of my Radio tuner in action...



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    Hi I have an A2107-H model

    can you pls tell me how your A2107-F is soo smooth and how you got usb support on it

    I have been trying for months,plus -H models have slightly better hardware than -F so your videos have appalled me further

    thanks for your vids etc :)

    pls reply

    I have installed a Samsung galaxy tablet into my car and used it as my
    main car stereo and navigator. when the engine is on i have to reopen
    music apps etc. i recently found an app on Google Play that as soon as
    you unplug the charger it automatically pause all media and navigation
    apps and when you turn on the engine the tablet goes on again without
    pressing the power button. so, GPS is on again and music continues exactly where you had left it It is called AutoSleeper and this is the URL for Google Play Is there anyone who has used it? I am quite happy but i'd like some feedback for this app or alternatives..

    Could you do this with a Kindle fire? Maybe a rooted kindle fire? I want to do something like it with my 2009 ford ranger.... not too familiar with this stuff though.

    I'm planning on doing the same project. Are you using just the built-in antenna for the tuner, or did you hook it up with the car antenna?

    Also, how do you find the audio quality via headphone jack? I was thinking of extracting audio via hdmi or via usb/otg cable.

    Lastly, were you able to hook up a large storage via usb?

    Hope to hear your answers - thanks!

    well, I change my config from time to time, currently I am hooked up to my care stereo (in back), and it is hooked up like normal, I sometimes hook up an amp (under the seat)
    and have been known to tether my phone to my tab, for radio or XM radio from time to time, but thet uses my DATA plan alot, so my current config woks for now

    I use Tapatalk, for text to appear on my tablet and to receive calls and make them, I also use a separate unit call EGO, it also uses Bluetooth to my phone, it mutes the MP3s and radio

    Great idea but has one flaw. There is no android software. In my car I have carpc with software Centrafuse. Centrafuse have handsfree phone option when I make the call or recive the call the music mute
    and when I use integrate navigation (Garmin) that when spoken instructions the music mute. It would be great if it would be possible in Android phones and tablets.

    primo7, I'm not sure what Android devices you've used, but my phone does mute the music when I'm on a call or receiving navigation instructions and resumes when done.

    This appears to match the one he used.

    he first way I designd it was...but I decided to make it removable