Androino! Control an Arduino from your Android device using a cheap bluetooth module.

Step 2: Setup the Arduino hardware

Picture of Setup the Arduino hardware
The BT module comes preprogrammed with the following settings:
Device name: linvor
Baud rate: 9600
PIN: 1234

You can leave the settings as they are or change them with a serial adapter.
For more info see:

Connect the bluetooth module to your Arduino.
BT module Rx-> Arduino Tx
BT module Tx-> Arduino Rx
VCC to 5v

Connect a sensor or potentiometer to analog pin A0.

Upload this sketch to your Arduino:
The onboard LED at D13 is toggled everytime a sensor value is requested from the Arduino.

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akeonly1 year ago
Hi metanurb,

I have the exact bluetooth module that you have but I can't send anything to this module. Below is simple echo code that I use. Have I missed anything?

Thank you.

Arduino mega 2560

const int LED_PIN = 13;
boolean toggle = true;

void setup() {

void loop() {
if (Serial1.available()) {
digitalWrite(LED_PIN, toggle);
toggle = !toggle;
quemazon3 years ago
The specs say that this module runs a 3.3V max. How long have you been running it at 5V, and have you had any problems?