Andromeda: K'nex Ball Machine Preview 1





Introduction: Andromeda: K'nex Ball Machine Preview 1

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Hi everyone,

Welcome to this K'nex ball machine page, where I will show you Andromeda, my current K'nex ball machine in its first fase.

I started building in October 2014 and the video is made on may 2015.

Currently I'm still working on it and I will make an instructable when I make a new preview.

If you have any questions or suggestions? Just ask me in the comments below.




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    This is how it started.
    Soon I will make Preview 3

    Very nice ball machine! Favorited and Subscribed. :-)

    As for questions: How many lifts does it use so far? How many paths will there be? And how many original elements will you include?

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    Well, this page I made yesterday but my ball machine is far bigger now.

    I made this page to show the development of my ball machine.

    Currently Andromeda has 15 lifts plus two lifts yet to be build in.

    I still don't know how many paths it will have at the end.

    Anyway it will contain over 110000 pieces at the end.

    Soon I will upload a new video where this is all shown.

    You're welcome! :-) You must have really worked on it since you made this page. Wow, that's a lot of pieces! Looking forward to seeing it when it is finished!