Picture of Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe
I've done some pop art costumes the past few years. This year, I went with an Andy Warhol (both literally and figuratively) for Halloween.

Step 1: For this, I knew I would need:

Picture of For this, I knew I would need:
photo (8).JPG

1 white dress
1 blonde wig (highlighted with yellow and black paint for effect)
Pink face paint (I prefer water-based)
Black face paint
Teal face paint
Bright pink tights
1 tall gangly man to play my Warhol (optional)

Step 2: What to do ahead of time:

Picture of What to do ahead of time:
1. Paint wig with yellow and black for highlights and lowlights. This took approx 30 mins, but you definitely have to wait for it to dry, I would suggest doing it a few days before.
2. I also made a cumbersome poster that had different shots of the Marilyn piece. I just glued them onto foam board and cut out a square for my face- easy peasy. I only ended up carrying it around for like 15 mins total- not necessary for the costume, but it looked pretty cool. 

Step 3: Day of:

Picture of Day of:
photo (7).JPG
I put a picture of Warhol's Marilyn on the mirror for reference.
1. Paint exposed upper body pink with the facepaint and a sponge. Aim for full coverage for better photos. I needed a little help with my back, but in a pinch I was able to do it on my own one of the three nights I dressed up.
2. Now it's time for the shading. Follow the outline of Marilyn's face with the black facepaint- be sure not to add too much water, otherwise it will mix with the pink paint. The important part is to get the distance from cheekbone outlines and lips/ eyebrows right.
3. Use the teal facepaint to throw on that infamous eyeshadow. Really overdo it- Warhol wasn't about his art looking super realistic.
4. I also added a little cleavage line with black facepaint, because I'm sure Warhol would have if he had done a full body painting :)
5. Throw on the wig, dress, pink tights, and some bright colored heels and VOILA! You're done!
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kerikins1 year ago
Flippin' awesome!!! Please tell me you won something BIG!!! Just when I think I have seen it all, Something like this comes along...
Wow !! Just had to say how beautiful you were in that costume. Great idea, very creative
NAiMA791 year ago
this is one of the most terrific ideas EVER for a costume!!! how did you ever get to think of it i will never know but you look awesome!
noahh1 year ago
This is so awesome!
tinpie1 year ago
YOU LOOK GREAT... congratulations on a great costume
beccaschmehcca (author)  tinpie1 year ago
poofrabbit1 year ago
Wonderful idea!
Wow! That is impressive. Very fancy. :D
beccaschmehcca (author)  jessyratfink1 year ago
Kiteman1 year ago
Ha, I'd certainly do a double-take if I met you in the street!