Andy, the Automaton




Introduction: Andy, the Automaton

An easy paper robot who loves alliteration and planning the inevitable robot takeover of human society

Step 1: Cut Andy Out

Using the nearest pair of scissors, cut out Andy's body, arms, and tread as labeled on the template

Step 2: Fold Andy's Body

On Andy's body, fold along the thick black lines that form his shape. Tape the white tab to the inside of his body to hold the shape.

Step 3: Attach Andy's Tread

Fold the line where his wheels meet the tread (as indicated by < on the template). Tape the white tabs to the inside of his sides (B & D sides matching). Be sure to have the line at the top of the wheels (at *) meet the line at the bottom of his sides.

Step 4: Complete Andy's Tread

Then, tape the ends of the tread inside Andy's front and back (A & C) so that he can stand!

Step 5: Attach Andy's Arms

Tape Andy's arms to his body

Step 6: World Domination!



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