Hello Fellow Instructables

here is my DIY Anemometer  Using One Ball Bearing, One Bike Speedometer,Aluminium Tube, Hot Glue,Wood,

PVC Pipe.  School Project    My Son Put it Together.    I  Got All The Parts Ready.

Easy To do. Now Go And Make Something. And Hey Hey   

Have Fun.
<p>Thanks Mate. I will be making a better one</p>
<p>Wow, you've made an awesome anemometer and, with all those pictures you've already posted here, you'll be able to create a step-by-step instructable...</p>
Looking forward to it!
Instructions would be helpful.
<p>i will be making a proper</p><p>instructable later with better pictures and a better Item</p>
A cycle speedo brilliant! Why didn't I think of that? !!!
<p>thanks Mate..</p>
<p>it measures Wind speed.</p>

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