Here's a great Christmas idea.

Step 1: Picking Book and Making Wings

Choose a paperback book with 300-350 pages. Rip the front and back cover. Cut out 28-30 sheets with the glued seam holding the pages. These pages are for the wings and are used to hide a nail. Cut the bottom right corner from 1/2" from the bottom left to 2 1/2" of top right. Fold the first half of the pages from left to right in increasing increments of 1/8" and do the same of the last half of the pages from right to left. (hope it makes sense when you see the pictures). I've done it with 8-14 pages on each side.

<p>it looks great</p>
Thank you. Its very easy and the response of the recipient are always fantastic. You'd think you'd given them a child. :)

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