Angel Delight With an Almond Twist




Introduction: Angel Delight With an Almond Twist

One night I got peckish and unfortunately for something sweet, soooo I raided the cupboards and found a packet of Angel Delight. Yes, the unhealthy packets of the stuff, but I couldn’t resist the sweetness.

I decided to add my own twist to the method of instructions on the back. Instead of adding 300ml of skimmed or full fat milk into the angel delight, I added 300ml of almond milk into it (a dairy free alternative)!

After mixing the almond milk into it I left my angel delight for about 10-15 minutes rather than 5 minutes because almond milk isn’t as thick as milk, therefore I assumed it needs longer to thicken. And it’s done, yep, a little bit runnier than normal but tastes better with the almond twist and its (mostly) dairy free. So whack some fruit in that bowl and your ready to give in to sweetness!



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