Angel Eye Using Torch Light





Introduction: Angel Eye Using Torch Light

Buying traditional angel eye costs more. So I tried to make this of my own and I succeeded. This costs less than we expect.

Step 1: Parts Needed

1 X Old torch light
1 X 1watt white Led
1 X 7805 regulator IC
1 X 10 ohms resistor

Step 2: Tools Needed

1)Soldering Iron
2)Black spray can
3)Screw driver
4)current tape

Step 3: Disassembling the Torch

Disassemble the torch as shown in the pictures.

Step 4: Painting the Glass

Make a circle at middle of the glass and paint it with black colour.

Step 5: Painting the Body

I used spray can to paint the body. After the paint is dried I used clear coat so that it shines.

Step 6: Heatsink to Led

I don't have a heat-sink  so I decided to make my own with a small aluminium sheet and combined with heatsink paste and finally glued with fewikwik.

Step 7: Mounting LED to the Reflector

Mount the led to the reflector and glue it.

Step 8: The Circuit

Solder the circuit as shown in the diagram.

Step 9: Mounting the Circuit

Mount the circuit and apply current tape to avoid short circuit.

Step 10: Assembling the Torch

After assembling the torch it looks great.

Step 11: Testing the Light..

Connect the wires to 12v battery and test it.

Step 12: Final Product

After fitting to my bike it looks great...

My another instructable:



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    Extremely Clever project!!

    hahaha jugadu kaam kiya hai bhai mast ! Dude what is this clear coat is it lacquer? And applying black spray on plastic is it good means does that stay on it for long.

    It is lacquer and it is automotive refinish. Yes black stays for long.